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I want to complete training in country:


I want to complete training in country:


Restoration Art Institute arranges for the additional professional advanced training courses on major "Restoration and Adaptation of the Objects of Cultural Heritage" and invites restorers, architects, officers of the cultural heritage object security service, as well as special execution bodies to complete training on the above major.

About us:

Restoration Art Institute is the only Russian Higher Educational Institution of completely restoration profile. Our programs are aimed at training of people willing to devote their lives to restoration. In 2016 the Institute turns 25 years old. Distinctive aspect of the education process is learning of the large volume of historical disciplines. From the freshman's course, the student completely focuses on restoration art Summer practical training is carried out at the real restored monuments.

Restoration Art Institute practices active international activity. It participates in exhibitions, seminars, and symposiums. UNESCO Department is opened at the Institute. Educational and Methodological Department created at the Institute participates in development of state educational standards, syllabus, and opening of new restoration faculties in Higher Educational Institutes of the country. The Institute reflects all its activity as well as news at pages of "Restorer" Magazine published by the Institute.

International seminars in Denmark

Seminar Topic:

During education, the students would be offered with a program of review and analytical lectures and practical classes on topics:

Seminar program:

1st day - lectures in Restoration Art Institute;

2nd day - flight to Copenhagen;

3rd day - travel to UNESCO object;

4th day - travel to UNESCO object;

5th day - excursion to museum;

6th day - flight to Moscow.

Seminar plan:

Country: Denmark

City: Copenhagen

Nearest seminar: //-//

Next seminar: March (to be clarified)

International seminars in Germany

Seminar topics:


Title: Seminar on issues of hydro insulation and restoration of the historical objects.
Participants: Designers, experts, and representatives of restoration companies
Responsible: Mikhail Pozharov
Referents: Andreas Brundirs, Jens Engel

Monday, 23.05.2016

  Arrival at airport in Hamburg city  
1 p.m. Visiting of the referent object in Hamburg Pozharov M.
5 p.m. Movement to Loningen, accommodation in Stover Hotel  
6 p.m. Joint supper in Gambrinus Restaurant  

Tuesday, 24.05.2016

  Class room in Remmers Forum  
8 a.m. Recognition. Representation of Remmers Company Mikhail Pozharov
8.30 a.m. Theory (hydro insulation): Mechanisms and reasons of damages of the historical buildings; purposeful analysis of the state; hydro insulation systems for structures contacting with ground; internal hydro insulation: system solution for historical undergrounds; material sets against capillary water; solution of problems, joint sealing, solutions for laying of pipes and communications. Andreas Brundirs
10 a.m. Coffee Break Andreas Brundirs
10.15 a.m. Continuation of theory Andreas Brundirs
12.30 p.m. Dinner in Forum  
1.30 p.m. Practice (hydro insulation) in education center of Barkhorn city
1. Laying of communication Stopaq, Rohrflansch
2. Horizontal cut-off system in comparison: Kisol, Kiesol C, Bohrlochsuspension с Kiesol iK;
3. Precoating and lining of wet and sulfate saturated bases with the use of Sulfatexschlamme, Sperrputz, Sulfatexspachtel schnell
4. Mineral system of elastic hydro insulation Multi-Baudicht 2K (manually and sprayed plaster base);
5. Alphalt hydro insulation system Profi-Baudicht 2K;
6. System of sanitizing plaster
3 p.m. Coffee break  
3.15 p.m. Continuation of practice Technologist
5 p.m. End  
7 p.m. Joint supper and bowling in Centralhof Breher  

Wednesday, 25.05.2016

  Classroom in Remmers Forum  
8 a.m. Theory (restoration): Review of aspects related to contamination of facades and modern cleaning thereof; salts as of factor of negative influence on construction elements. Processing of impregnations and protection of basement; soil bases, strengthening of brick and natural stone. Comparative analysis of the stone strengthening lines, sphere and accuracy of application thereof; Brick facades: specific aspects of application of modern plasters and coatings upon restoration of the historical buildings; water-proof impregnates. Compelling need or aspect of economy?; protecting paints for brick and plastered facades. Jens Engel
10 a.m. Coffee brake  
10.15 a.m. Continuation of theory Jens Engel
12.30 p.m. Dinner in the Forum  
1.30 p.m. Practice (restoration) in the educational center in Barkhorn city: decontamination with the use of Arte Mundit, Klinkerreiniger AC, Fassadenreiniger?Paste, BFA, Adolit M flussig; anchoring for repair of cracks in brick setting; disarrangement with Restauriermortel, repair of seals with Fugenschlamme, pressing in cracks in bricks with Injektionsleim 2K; placement of plaster systems Feinputz, Feinspachtel RZ, Verbundmortel; examples for application of various water-proof solutions on relevant grounds (Funcosil SNL, Funcosil SL, Funcosil SN, Fassadencreme); painting with Silikatfarbe D, Historic Schlammlasur, Siliconharzfarbe LA. Technologist
3 p.m. Coffee break  
3.15 p.m. Continuation of practice Technologist
5 p.m. End  
7 p.m. Visitinf of the reference object and joint supper in Castle Clemmenswerth (Clemenswerth 7 • 49751 Sogel)  

Thursday, 04.02.2016

  Classroom in Remmers Forum  
8 a.m. Theory and practice on conservation, restoration and reconstruction and protection of the objects of wooden architecture Bernd Shulte
12 p.m. Dinner  
12.30 p.m. Excursion across the plant Pozharov, M.
2 p.m. Visiting of the museum of the historical wooden houses in Cloppenburg Pozharov, M.
7 p.m. Movement to hotel in Hamburg  

Friday, 05.02.2016

  Flight to Moscow  

Seminar schedule:

Country: Germany

City: Loningen

Closest seminar: from 23.05.2016 until 27.05.2016

Next seminar: //-//

Registration to seminar

Additional information

Lectures in the Restoration Art Institute are carried out by professors, academics, and specialists in restoration domain.

Lectures in Denmark shall be conducted by the art historians, heads of restoration workshops and professors, the architects of Copenhagen University.

Cost of education is 78 000 rubles (air flight, transfer, hotel (double room)). For persons willing to stay in a single room, cost comprises 90 000 rubles.

For participation in the training, one shall apply to the Restoration Art Institute on a letterhead of its company (form may be downloaded at website of the Institute; ), at address:; (Upon completion of the training, students would be granted with Certificate of advanced training of the Russian Federation and Danish or German certificate.

Additional information is available by number:
8 (495) 788-39-60; 8 (495) 767-29-48.

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