Continuous Professional
Training Center

Creation of the center based
on the Restoration Art Institute

Besides basic educational activity, Restoration Art Institute carries out major effects to study both material and spiritual cultural heritage of our country. Active cooperation with the leading museums and centers, institutions, cultural centers and other organizations operating in educational, cultural and restoration domains, allowed accumulation of the high scientific and creative potential.

Doctors of Science, laureates of state prize, professors and candidates of science, honored men of culture and education of the Russian Federation work in the Restoration Art Institute.

Pressing issues of preservation
of the cultural heritage

Lack of qualified specialists
Damaging or destruction of the historical and cultural monuments
Popularization of the cultural heritage objects

Ways of solution:

International activity
UNESCO faculty
International Scholl of Restorers
(Educational and Methodological Association )
Designing of methodological materials and methods
Designing of educational standards
Continuous educational activity
Educational programs for pupils
Preliminary courses
Secondary professional education
Higher professional education
Additional professional education
Educational programs
Scientific activity and popularization
Scientific publications
Scientific conferences
"Restorer" Magazine
Research and development activity
Academic activity
Identification and accounting of CHO
Project works
Restoration workshop
Designer supervision, expertise
Preservation of the CHO
Charitable fund "Save Monuments"
Association of Cultural Heritage Preservation Organizations

Regions of Russia where
the graduates of the Institute work